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Originally trained a process metallurgist I started delivering tailored courses to the Swedish steel industry following the oil price rises in the early 1970’s. After the price increase the steel sector strived to improve furnace efficiency and part of that was to educate the furnace operators. So by shift of the 1970’s and -80’s I started delivering courses. Originally they were focused on oil combustion systems, burner maintenance, combustion control and such.

Over the decades there has been a successive shift and also has the industrial structure shifted. So today the main interest no longer lies with the steel industry but with equipment manufacturers, with fuel producers and forest companies and – of course – with energy companies and –utilities. The content of the courses has also shifted so that today there is a strong demand of environmentally oriented courses but closely connected to the combustion process and the combustion technology.

There is also quite some interest from environmental monitoring authorities who wants to learn about what can actually and realistically be demanded from different types of plants.


What do I offer?

Within the field of combustion related engineering and environmental issues I basically offer three types of courses:

A general, fairly fundamental course extending over two days and introducing a bit about the nitrogen-oxides unburnt hydrocarbons nexus. The course also covers efficiency, burnout, fuel qualities and some characteristics about different combustion technologies such as pulverized fuel, grate firing, fluidized beds etc. This is a fairly standardized course that does not demand very much preparations and that can thus be offered at a low price.

In case your company wants a slightly more focused version of the standard course; Maybe you only have one type of boilers or you only have one type of fuel or … , then I can modify the standard course according to your specifications. In that case I will need time to do the modifications and the price has to be adjusted accordingly.

Sometimes a company wants to have a special and individually designed course for a specific category of people. A few recent examples:
A major forest company who is also a major biofuel supplier wanted their logistic staff to have an intensive course in quality, safety and storage aspects of solid biomass.
A combustion equipment manufacturer wanted their R-&-D department to have an advanced course in combustion theory so as to bring them all to a common level.
A burner manufacturer wanted their sales staff to know enough about flames and flame stability to be able to communicate with the technical staff at the customer companies.
A waste-to-energy company had a generation shift with their personnel and wanted an introductory course for the new operators followed by a follow-up course one year later.
A cluster of communities wanted their environmental inspectors to gain a background insight to the processes that emit nitrogen oxides and unburnt hydrocarbons.

I am perfectly happy to design a specific course according to your specifications. I’ve done so since the late 1970’s so you can trust it when I say you will have a professional course.

The best courses are always those delivered in place because so much is said during lunch- and coffee breaks. But if you want to, I am happy give you a web-based course. I’ve delivered distance-learning university courses since the mid 1990’s so I’m well experienced. So the course format – as the course content – are both open for discussion.

Having a designed course you will obtain your own password-protected course-site where, for some time following the course, you will be able to ask questions following the course content. So the course aftermath includes a bit of free consultancy.

Tailored courses available around the world

Today, with modern communication, it poses no practical problems for you, your company, your minicipality or your university, to order tailored courses adapted for your needs...

Exmples of course outlines:

Basic combustrion course, outline
Advanced combustion example
Storage and autoignition example

A free, 5-week master-level course in Bioenergy Technology:

In today’s world there are lots of young and bright people that, for one reason or another, do not have access to or cannot afford an academic education. And there is a global need for smart and educated people to tackle the challenges that humanity is facing. So what I offer here is a full, five-week master-level course in Bioenergy Technology. The course is completely self-sustained. You will have no teacher assistance, support or evaluation, you will have no formal examinations and you will have to have a strict disciplin.

The ultimate aim of the course is that you shall be able to make a positive contribution in a team of engineers or planners working with a regional energy strategy. To manage the course you will have to have a bachelor degree and be well familiar with basic biology, chemistry and engineering.

Download the course document (pdf)

The course material shown here is only a small part of what is offered if you order a course.

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