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Educational programmes by Swedish universities

Since Sweden is in the forefromt with respect to bioenergy utilisation, it is natural that the Swedish university educations are also in the forefront.

The Swedish academic system is adopted to the European system and consists of:
Bachelors degree: 3 years full-time studies.
Masters degree : 2 years full-time studies following the Bachelor.
Doctors degree : 3 years full-time studies following the Master degree.
Engineering programmes - i.e. programmes offered inside the faculty of engineering - will generally yield exams "... of Engineering, major in ...".
Management programmes as well as programmes directed towards fuel production - i.e. programmes outside the faculty of engineering - will generally yield exams "... of Philosophy, major in ...".

In case you want to study environmental-and-energy engineering in Sweden you will have a great many educational programmes to choose from. But you will have to be aware that though they may have similar headings they will most often have different profiles: Many programmes offered will have a managerial perspective and many will have focus on fuel production. Quite a few of the programmes will also be directed towards building engineering and/or electricity distribution.

The main exception are the programmes offered by the Linnæus University, where focus is on the production end of the supply chain, the programme concentrating on biofuel supply and energy conversion processes. Hence, this programme is well suited for international students wanting to do a career as consultants, planners or alike.

In case a custom designed distance learning education is desired Contact me or have a look at the sample distance-learning material provided here.

The links to the left are for those of you who might be interested to study energy engineering at a Swedish university. The links are general but you will be able to look up a relevant programme by keywords like ‘Bioenergy’ or ‘Energy Engineering’, for example.”

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